Tap on the EcoSwitch platform



EcoTap provides pre-filtering, modification, distribution and transmission of traffic at terabit speeds.

EcoTap documentation

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The solution on the “traffic copy” allows from one point of presence to carry out:

  • DPI analysis for the needs of operational-search measures;
  • URL filtering;
  • Provide opportunities for long-term storage of traffic metadata;
  • Provide opportunities for redirecting information flows regarding AntiDDoS solutions;
  • Any other traffic analysis with third-party services..

What is pre-filter for?

  • A passive optical splitter is installed on the link between two devices of the Operator, which transmits a copy of the traffic from this link to the analyzer;
  • Depending on the task being solved by the analyzer, only Upstream traffic, only Downstream traffic or traffic of two directions simultaneously can be transmitted to it;
  • The traffic analyzer should have sufficient performance in order to isolate from all traffic coming to it only one that requires further processing or analysis;
  • With increasing traffic, the Operator is forced to install more and more expensive analyzers to cope with the growing load..

Using pre-filtering

  • To reduce the load on the analyzer, it is necessary to install a filter in front of the analyzer, which will discard the traffic that is not interesting to it;
  • Routers are sometimes used as prefilters, comparable in performance with those whose traffic from the link is removed for analysis;
  • Sometimes, dedicated servers are placed in front of the analyzer that are comparable in performance with the analyzers themselves, but whose task is exclusively to filter out “excess” traffic;
  • EcoTap solution by RDP.RU company allows you to effectively solve the problem of traffic prefiltration..

EcoFilter sharing option

  • Passive optical splitter removes all Upstream and Downstream traffic;
  • EcoTap performs pre-filtering;
  • EcoFilter analyzes the traffic coming to it to solve the following tasks:
    • URL-filtering of prohibited resources in the ILV registry;
    • Collection and uploading of Clickstream statistics;
    • Collection and upload of Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics.

Hardware Platforms

 EcoSwitch 1018EcoSwitch 1032EcoSwitch 2065
Platform EcoSwitch 1018 EcoSwitch 1032 EcoSwitch 2065
ThroughputUp to 1.8 TbpsUp to 3.2 TbpsUp to 6.4 Tbps
Forwarding capacityUp to 2.4 BppsUp to 4.7 BppsUp to 9.5 Bpps
Standard 19” rack mount1 U1 U2 U
QSFP28 transceivers cages63265
SFP+ transceivers cages4800
Packet buffer20 Mb20 Mb22 Mb
System memory8 Gb DDR3L8 Gb DDR48 Gb DDR4
SD/CF memorySSD 120 GbSSD 120 GbSSD 120 Gb
CPUIntel AtomIntel Pentium DIntel Pentium D
ASICBarefoot TofinoBarefoot TofinoBarefoot Tofino
Serial console1 x RJ-451 x RJ-451 x RJ-45
Management port1 x 100/1000BASE-T1 x 1000BASE-T1 x 1000BASE-T
Redundant power supply2 x 400 W2 x 600 W2 x 1100 W
Typical consumption with all active ports350 W476 W1024 W
Hot-swappable fans5510
Operating temperature0 oC .. 45 oC0 oC .. 45 oC0 oC .. 45 oC
Storage temperature-40 oC .. 70 oC-40 oC .. 70 oC-40 oC .. 70 oC
Operating humidity5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing
Operating altitude0 to 10,000 feet0 to 10,000 feet0 to 10,000 feet
Weight8 kg8.8 kg18 kg

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