RDP partnered with Bee Pitron to enter the Indian market

RDP (Research & Development Partners), the leading Russian vendor of intellectual solutions for broadband connectivity, announces its intention to enter the Indian market. RDP signed a partnership agreement with Bee Pitron, one of the most influential companies on the Russian high-tech manufacturing market, for the best consolidation of efforts in terms of conquering the ever-growing Indian market, full of opportunities.

The RDP company has quite a history on the Russian market. It was founded in 2010 as part of the Ecotelecom group of companies, which became the first customer of a newly formed vendor. RDP’s specialization is the development of solutions and enterprises based on commodity platforms (x86). In 2013 RDP entered the Russia market of carrier-class solutions with the EcoNAT product, and sales to telecom operators started the same year.

After having developed very successful solutions, technically customized for the promising Russian market, RDP won the major tender of Rostelecom, one of the biggest and most renown telecom operators in Russia. It resulted in supplying CG-NAT equipment for the IP/MPLS network at the end of 2015. In 2016, Rostelecom and RDP closed a deal according to which the major Russian operator invested in RDP, that’s when the company entered Rostelecom’s ecosystem.

Today, RDP is truly proud of its iconic solution, a universal service platform called SGE (Service Gateway Engine). It’s an outstanding product both in terms of performance and functionality which helps to manage several RDP solutions at once. CG-NAT, BRAS, DPI, URL filtering, Quality of Experience (QoE) functionality is available for management all-in-one. Thanks to this, SGE serves as an ultimate product for all the crucial RDP components. Also,

Here, DPI is worth mentioning, too. This solution is designed to analyze packages up to the application layer (Layer 7) of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. It detects traffic from more than 3,200 different applications.

Recently RDP showcased its innovative solutions at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 which took place in Dubai. Over the last two years the number of developers in the company grew significantly to address the market’s needs for efficient carrier-grade products. The company successfully launched two large-scale international projects in the CIS and now is focused on entering the Indian market.

“For us, targeting such a diverse and promising market as India’s, is of the highest importance at the moment,” comments Maria Selezneva, Communications Lead at RDP. “We are aware of the current demand for solutions, such resilient and productive as ours, to help create a better-connected world, and hope that RDP products for high load systems will meet all the requirements of Indian partners and customers”.

Moreover, RDP is open to cooperation with the local partners in what’s related to tailoring existing products to the Indian market in full.

Date of a post: 28.11.2023


Contacts for press: pr@rdp.ru

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