EcoDDP on the EcoSwitch platform



Complex solution for datacenters for DDoS detection and mitigation.

EcoDDP documentation

3 main elements:

  • Traffic monitoring system: any system supporting NetFlow, e.g. EcoSGE [ optionally + EcoDPI, EcoFilter ]
  • Traffic analyzing system: DDoS sensor
  • Traffic filtering system: EcoDDP

Basic Features

  • Monitoring system uses NetFlow + SNMP for traffic information transferring to sensor.
  • Sensor uses BGP FlowSpec for anomaly information transferring to EcoDDP.
  • EcoDDP uses ACL for DDoS mitigation.
  • L2-transparent solution
  • IPv4/IPv6 traffic
  • 802.1Q, Q-in-Q, MPLS encapsulations
  • Up to 6.4Tb
  • Up to 3,2M IPv4 filters records
  • Up to 640К IPv6 filter records
  • Programmable Data Plane of EcoDDP
  • Redundant hot-swappable power and cooling units

DDoS sensor

  • Linux application
  • Server specifications: 128G RAM, 12-cores CPU, 500GB HDD, RAID 1;

Main tasks:

  • Receiving NetFlow9
  • Traffic analyzing
  • Anomaly detecting
  • BGP FlowSpec for anomaly information transferring to EcoDDP: 5-tuple, DSCP + additional fields
  • Configurable time-duration for filtering


Hardware Platforms

 EcoSwitch 1018EcoSwitch 1032EcoSwitch 2065
Platform EcoSwitch 1018 EcoSwitch 1032 EcoSwitch 2065
ThroughputUp to 1.8 TbpsUp to 3.2 TbpsUp to 6.4 Tbps
Forwarding capacityUp to 2.4 BppsUp to 4.7 BppsUp to 9.5 Bpps
Standard 19” rack mount1 U1 U2 U
QSFP28 transceivers cages63265
SFP+ transceivers cages4800
Packet buffer20 Mb20 Mb22 Mb
System memory8 Gb DDR3L8 Gb DDR48 Gb DDR4
SD/CF memorySSD 120 GbSSD 120 GbSSD 120 Gb
CPUIntel AtomIntel Pentium DIntel Pentium D
ASICBarefoot TofinoBarefoot TofinoBarefoot Tofino
Serial console1 x RJ-451 x RJ-451 x RJ-45
Management port1 x 100/1000BASE-T1 x 1000BASE-T1 x 1000BASE-T
Redundant power supply2 x 400 W2 x 600 W2 x 1100 W
Typical consumption with all active ports350 W476 W1024 W
Hot-swappable fans5510
Operating temperature0 oC .. 45 oC0 oC .. 45 oC0 oC .. 45 oC
Storage temperature-40 oC .. 70 oC-40 oC .. 70 oC-40 oC .. 70 oC
Operating humidity5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing
Operating altitude0 to 10,000 feet0 to 10,000 feet0 to 10,000 feet
Weight8 kg8.8 kg18 kg

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