Russian companies RDP and Jet Infosystems presented the joint IT product for mobile operators

IT experts of the RDP and Jet Infosystems companies held a presentation of the key features of the joint solution of Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) for leading Russian mobile operators. New mobile networks traffic management solution will provide operators with an opportunity to maintain the operation and to develop the functionality of subscribers’ tariff plans.

RDP и Инфосистемы Джет

After some international vendors suspended their operations on the Russian market, mobile operators faced the difficulties of delivering the equipment. Many companies put on hold their plans of developing the tariff policy, and started promptly redirecting their business plans. Considering the current situation on the Russian market, the trend of developing national analogues of foreign telecom solutions The RDP and Jet Infosystems companies in partnership developed a news solution for the operators which allows to process different kinds of traffic and flexibly finetune the tariff policy.

Andrey Lotsmanov, the RDP solutions sales manager, told how PCEF recognizes and classifies mobile apps and web traffic. Anton Klimov, the lead network operators’ solutions engineer at Jet Infosystems, described the architecture of the solution and shared the functional plan of development for the near and long-term prospects.

“No doubt that the development of a joint solution of RDP and Jet Infosystems celebrates a milestone in our cooperation. Joint efforts will help us to bring our solution to the market and introduce it to the leading market players,” Alexei Bakhtin, CCO at RDP, underlined. 

The first version of the solution with basic functionality will be released this year already. It will include the support of Gx, Gy, Gz interfaces, as well as bandwidth limitation of the subscriber’s session, differentiated traffic record, the Gx traffic record, Tethering control and management, HTTP redirection and Header Enrichment.

Apart from that, RDP and Jet Infosystems are planning to release the next version of PCEF which will be complemented with the possibilities of building the rules with logic connections, and other needful functions regarding the requirements of potential customers. Key features of the national product are the high accuracy of traffic detection and tariffication together with quick update of the classifiable mobile apps.

“RDP, as our partner, has an enormous experience in the area of traffic processing and detection, and Jet Infosystems has a unique expertise of implementing such solutions into mobile operators. By uniting forces, we’re planning to create a complex PCEF solution, no lacking in functionality than other market leaders’ products. We were happy to have real feedback during the event, to consider it when implementing the final version of our joint product in future,” said Dmitry Ivanov, manager for development of operator business at Jet Infosystems.

Date of a post: 25.07.2023


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