Systematica received the status of an authorized RDP reseller

Systematica (a part of the GCS group), a leading vendor of complex IT solutions and services, received an authorized RDP reseller status. RDP is a Russian developer and vendor of intellectual solutions for broadband connectivity. This partnership will allow the Systematica company to get better conditions for its clients while delivering RDP solutions, together with support from the vendor side.

RDP is a value-added software developer and vendor of program and software platforms for high-efficiency processing of network traffic. Among other products, the company’s portfolio includes the EcoSGE service platform with CG-NAT functionality for maintaining the existent IPv4 structure and further migration to IPv6, along with URL filtration of blacklisted resources, DPI for deep packets analysis, QoE for collecting statistics based on the quality of perception, BRAS for controlling subscribers’ access to data transfer services, and unified devices management system NMS (Network Management System). 

“The ‘Systematica’ company has an impressive experience of bringing to life IT infrastructure projects in different fields, including Telecom,” Alexei Bakhtin, commercial director at RDP. “Partnership with such a prominent solutions and services vendor opens for RDP the way to new opportunities of integrating our solutions into complex projects. It’ll help to better contribute to Russian economic development”. 


“The RDP company has established itself as a reliable software developer. The company’s products are in high demand and meet the standards of world level quality. This partnership will allow ‘Systematica’ to extend its portfolio of complex services for the implementation of solutions for traffic management and network resources access. In the framework of import substitution projects for Huawei and Cisco equipment, the authorized partnership with RDP will give us an opportunity to implement Russian products in the corporate clients’ networks,” Evgeny Zakrepin, Vice President for Strategic Development of the “Group Systematica’ JSC, concluded.

Date of a post: 01.11.2022


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