RDP at the TTS 2022

Moscow, April 6, 2022. – RDP (Research & Development Partners), the leading Russian vendor of intellectual solutions for broadband connectivity, acts as a General Sponsor of the TTS 2022 professional conference (‘TTS’ stands for ‘Telecom Community Hangout’ in Russian). This large-scale off-site event, bringing together professionals in the field of telecommunications for the second time in a row, will take place on April 6-9, 2022, in Sochi.

The TTS conference has already become an extremely important event for the industry, having in its program both reports about the current state of the field and informal backstage communication. Thus, in 3 days, alongside the business program, the TTS conference will also host quizzes, board games, intellectual discussions catering to everyone’s interests – overall, more than 10 comparable activities every day.  

As for the presentations, the business program includes more than 25 reports from the representatives of different mobile operators, 30 reports from telecommunications solutions vendors and 7 panel discussions on the cutting-edge industry products, relevant for the current market.

Thus, on April 7, at 11 a.m. (the LAW session) Nikolai Chevalier, Development Director at RDP, will make a presentation of the new company’s products NMS and UTM. And at 2:00 p.m. (the SOFT session) the same day Maxim Krayushin, leading System Architect at RDP, will introduce innovative company’s products, addressing the current market needs.

RDP, being one of the key industry game-changers, addresses the vibrant market by supporting its professionals and assisting them in keeping awareness of the current market state, maintaining the consolidated professional community with versatile expertise at the same time. The TTS 2021 off-site conference became the only large-scale off-site event of its kind during the post-pandemic year.

Check the TTS’2020 conference program on its official website: https://ttsconf.ru/

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