RDP is updating its partnership program

RDP, a leading Russian vendor of innovative broadband solutions, announces the launch of its updated partnership program. Focusing on creating the conditions for developing competence of its business partners and valuing long-term partner relationships, RDP made the partnership conditions as easy as possible, in order to provide to every party the benefits they deserve.

RDP is updating its partnership program

The RDP partner ecosystem consists of two main categories, which are Business Partners and Service Partners. The first one includes the distributors of RDP solutions, as well as authorized RDP partners which perform installation and integration for the end-users. The second category includes specialized service companies which have a proven expertise and competences to provide services in terms of supporting RDP equipment.

The authorized distributor of RDP solutions will be a company chosen and invited by RDP to officially distribute its products all over Russia. Such companies provide full support to the partners which are part of the program, and who get access to the RDP configurator and specifications in a timely manner. Besides, certified RDP experts work for them, and they have demonstration stands with the current product range at their side. Confirmation of the sales plan for every product line is performed on a yearly basis. In case of overachieving, the distributor gets the fixed reward based on the number of orders placed.

When it comes to shared activities, an authorized distributor can individually confirm with RDP the calendar of common events and workshops for partner’s employees with a systematic skill upgrading.

“RDP is open to collaboration in the field of collaboration in terms of providing service for the equipment. We set high standards for those in charge,” says Alexei Bakhtin, the Commercial Director at RDP.

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Date of a post: 12.02.2024


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