RDP and CROS-2022

RDP (Research & Development Partners), the leading Russian vendor of intellectual solutions for broadband connectivity, is set to participate in CROS, the high-level conference for telecom operators. This industrial event is organized yearly by NAG, a big Russian integrator and equipment vendor for telecom, manufacturing, and business. The CROS conference will take place on May 18-21, 2022, in Sochi.

NAG has been managing the CROS conference for 15 years already. The event’s goal is to connect many telecom industry professionals from Russia and the CIS, inviting them to a single place. This is extremely crucial to arrange an informal meeting to better discuss the most up-to-date and relevant questions.

RDP’s experts will sufficiently and in the most detailed manner talk about the company’s solutions, pinpointing both the diversity of products’ applications, and their key features. The company’s professionals will share the company’s development plans, considering the current economic situation and new opportunities. The CROS program will be presented until the end of April.

Learn more about CROS at the conference website: https://bit.ly/3OiHJey 

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Date of a post: 19.04.2022

Source: CROS-2022


Contacts for press: pr@rdp.ru

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